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Frederick Remon Robinson | Fredericck Remon Robinson
Frederick Remon Robinson was born in Pineville louisiana and currently resides in Houston, Texas.
Frederick Remon Robinson, Freddie Robinson, Malik Heru El-Shabbazz
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I Am Frederick Remon Robinson
i am a Philosopher, Black Nationalist, and Writer
The Philosopher
The Black Nationalist
Frederick Remon Robinson
The Writer

I define me. I refuse to let anyone else tell my story; and damn, do i have a story to tell. You might not want to hear it, but if you just follow me for bit, I think you’ll find this story interesting. Its an angry story, a violent story, a sad story, a love story, and a hateful story. I tell this story from the perspective of three minds that find sanctuary in my head. They are the philosopher, the Black Nationalist, and the Writer. Of the three, it is the Writer who should be trusted., the Black Nationalist is dangerous and unpredictable, the Philosopher is.., well., you’ll see for yourself..




Enter Into my World of Rage, Violence, and Revenge

I was born into poverty. it was my assigned lot in life that i have never been able to accept. It was that unwillingness to accept my inheritance that lead down a winding road of more loss.


I have seen the belly of the beast. I have touched its ribs and smelled its rotten flesh. I have been stung by its poisonous venom, not once, but twice.


Out of my trials and tribulations, i have become wise, and through this wisdom, i have understanding, and through my understanding, I have power.